Utility Junction launches the ultimate utility management solution that we were all missing..

Save time and money from wherever you are as you read this. Utility management could not be easier today since Utility Junction has connected the dots for you. It can be as easy as ordering a Uber™.

Being a Homeowner is one of the sweetest achievements in life. But, when you own a house, it will come with its own challenges. This, even when you think you are well prepared. For a realtor, iBuyer, Airbnb hosts, these can be overwhelming.

Property management is challenging. Continuous learning & planning for alternatives is the key to handling unexpected situations. One amongst them is managing your utility expenses

The team at Utility Junction understands this as they have experienced it first hand. Hence, they focus on helping their users to connect utilities, analyze utility expenses and utility bill payments. All under one roof – Easy To Use, Intelligent at its core Utility Management Solution. 

When you move into a property or start managing one – utility connections though important, do get affected. Why? There is a lot more on your plate to juggle with and managing utility providers and their policies only makes it more difficult. Not to forget, one also needs to get back to their daily hustles. That creates an unforeseen urgency and one decides to go ahead with the best possible option. Even if it is not the most beneficial. The result –  create financial hurdles. Imagine getting it done from someone else so that you can focus on your home and also enjoy savings – of time, of money.  

Utility Junction (UJ) brings you great advice with its Utility Management Analytics Platform. Track your utility bills in one place, get meaningful insights on your usage & budget better for these utility expenses. Your to do’s list has turned into one item. This is fantastic, isn’t it?!

CEO and Founder, Melvyn Huckaby, came up with an exciting startup idea that can make your property management & utility management a simpler thing to do.  It all started as a project idea after facing the heat himself in managing the utilities for his portfolio of properties. That was the driving force to envisage Utility Junction. A technology solution helps you manage your properties from the palm of your hands. The team at UJ  focuses on making things happen and enables you to start a savings journey. All this by assisting  you, from an expert’s perspective, on what to do and what not to. What’s better than covering your obligations from the comfort of your bed? Yep, we will all love this. 

Homeowners, realtors, landlords, Airbnb Hosts, iBuyers – This solution can assist all. They can review the status of their utility expenses, track due dates, pay bills all under one roof. Submit a connect utilities request & the team takes over the heavy lifting. The team at UJ invites you to sign up today & take advantage of their expertise and their on-going promotions.

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