Utility companies are slowly adopting a customer-centric focus for their operations. Meet UJ’s key principles and the core of its organization.

The pandemic is seeing customers needing continuous support to manage their responsibilities. Especially the one associated with owning a property. Insurance, taxes, mortgage payments and now even utility bills. These utilities play an essential role to inhabit a house, an office, and operate a warehouse. You name it. They are a considerable part of your budget. UJ provides an efficient Utility Management Solution which acts as a One-Stop-Shop. Track & analyze utility expenses, make bill payments and connect utilities on an on-demand basis. 

There is a wide range of factors that can influence your utility bills. Rates can fluctuate across cities. It is important to find a creative and diligent way to keep track of your own consumption. For example, electricity rates can be volatile as they depend on many factors. These are influenced by operational decisions of the service providers. Your consumption habits and traits also influence your utility bill. No wonder, 31% of Americans, fail to pay their electricity bills every month.

The situation with water varies as well. Seattle and Atlanta pay some of the highest rates per consumer, whereas Idaho, Phoenix and Milwaukee pay one of the lowest rates. Dallas & Detroit may start facing water shortage soon. 

How can we get a clear sense of our basic supplies and find a suitable contingency plan for our utilities’ bill? That’s where UJ’s Utility Management solution comes into the picture. A platform to track & analyze utility expenses which helps in better budgeting.

It all revolves around Consumers

UJ’s motto is simple – Build a personalized relationship with its customers. To achieve this, they are focused on meeting their expectations by fostering a culture of continuous improvement. With many communications channels for the users to reach out to them, UJ continues to move ahead on a self set goal. Provide solutions to connect utilities, track & analyze utility expenses and pay bills. All this to ensure their users save money & they are able to earn their trust in their savings journey. 

Committed and dynamic management

UJ is challenging the status quo of the utility services industry. They have put together  a solid organization structure with a progressive strategy. The team focuses on gathering industry knowledge and intelligence by conducting detailed research. This helps them uncover critical issues/points along with their implications. It’s a diverse team of experts with a learning-by-doing attitude. 

Intuitive technological infrastructure 

UJ’s purpose is to create a simple yet intelligent technology platform. It is designed to meet everyone’s requirements. Individual home owners, realtors, landlords, iBuyers, Airbnb hosts. An all under one roof solution. A solution that allows its users detailed analysis of their utility consumptions and bill history. Thereby giving the right tools and information to control the utility expenses for a property or portfolio of properties. All with the added convenience of bill payments from within their platform. They thus, boost service quality, efficiency and availability. One step closer to a complete smart home management.  

With these key principles Utility Junction has committed itself to develop intelligent end-users’ digital tools. In the midst of COVID-19, while avoiding social contact, this is a big advantage. 

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