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The Hassle of Utility Bill Payment

We all have to go through the hassle of paying bills for each and every utility we use, every month. And it’s surprising how easy it is to forget paying these bills and incur unnecessary and overly expensive late fees. In fact, a recent survey by Aite Group showed that nearly 50 percent of Americans pay their bills late regularly. This is an alarmingly large number of people unable to keep up to their monthly billing schedules.

Even though our economy is strong, it doesn’t mean that the citizens are prepared or even equipped to pay these late fees in any given month. Of those surveyed, only 26 percent said that they could handle the extra load of paying such unforeseen charges for late payment of their utility bills.

One thing that is clear is that people want more control over their bill-paying process. It can easily become overwhelming for most people to keep track of their utility bills, navigate through the numerous menus of each and every utility website, and finally pay their bills.

This is where Utility Junction comes in. Our innovative platform aims at making your everyday life simpler, by saving you valuable time and money, so that you can focus on what’s important for you. Using our smart dashboard, you can monitor and measure your utility consumption and cost control. You will receive customized data analytics and tracking reports of usage and dollars spent. Our services would effectively help you gain complete control over your utility bills and expenses!

Utility Costs in the US

Even considering just the basic utilities of a US household, such as electricity, gas, water, cable, internet and trash, the average utility expenses every month are close to $400 in 2020. Here is a breakup of the average monthly costs for each of the basic utilities:

·        Electricity: $110.76

·        Natural gas: $72.10

·        Water: $70.39

·        Cable TV: $85

·        Internet: $60

·        Trash/recycling: $14

Total cost: $398.24

This is not an insignificant amount, and therefore, needs proper planning and scheduling, so as to not miss the payment of any of these bills.

According to a recent survey conducted by CNBC, an average American household spends a hefty $577 every year on extra charges, such as late fees, overdraft fees, fraudulent expenses and the overall cost of bad credit. These charges are often unnecessary and can be easily avoided by properly planning your bill payments.

But a lot of the times, be it due to work, or family, or something else of importance, we end up giving less priority to the utility bills, resulting in such extra charges. The best way, therefore, is to look for a modern-day solution to this problem.

By using Utility Junction’s smart features, you would be able to completely automate your bill payments and easily keep track of them with simple overviews. You can rely on us with all certainty and trust us with your utility bill payments. What more, we can also use our expertise and help you identify trends and areas to cut costs.So, without any further ado, join us now and start saving your hard-earned money; it’s completely FREE!

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