Meet UJ’s techy guru

” Hard headed when it comes to achieving goals… I am proud of what we bring to the market”

Let’s get to know Yagnesh:

Yagnesh and his wife

I am a very private person and keep the entire package to myself. I am very skeptical about traveling unless it is well planned. I love to eat and experiment with different cuisines.

I have been married for 14 years and live with my family in Mumbai, India.

I bring to the table more than 14 years of experience. I am a very focused professional that has led a team of 200 hundred people at a leading IT organization. Parallel to it, I have collaborated with a few start-ups as well. I am hard headed when it comes to achieving goals and equally believe in the principle that I can grow as much as my team allows me to. Being target oriented, I tend to be pushy with the team, but also get teared when a team member is down.

Yagnesh professional path

Joining the armed forces was always the focus and when that did not happen, there came a phase of indecision. Hence, I took up a summer job with a leading IT organization and this job went on to become a 12 year successful career. I had to take a sabbatical to look after my father and once this crucial situation was stabilized, I was back into action.

I have worked with this team on different projects in the past where I got to know my colleagues and we have always been focused on service delivery and exceeding client’s expectations.

About UJ services 

We are entering a market that is about basic human needs. We can help you save money by helping you manage your utility expenses and make your life simpler when it comes to connecting and disconnecting your utility services. We believe these are very unique propositions that we bring to the table. 

Our organization is here to provide a service like no other. I have faith we can support customers who understand the pain of spending unnecessary money on their utility expenses. We have nurtured this offering with time & effort by planning for each process. I am very proud of what we bring to the market.

Yagnesh Kubavat

Enjoying to be part of UJ’s Team

What I like the most is that we can voice our opinions and point of views and are able to provide constructive inputs. This enriches our team’s behavior when it comes to delivering results.

We give ourselves the freedom of opinion and constructive criticism. We constantly improve ourselves and we know how to appreciate each other at our best and support each other at our worst.

Why us?

Purely based on the fact that it requires a lot of effort to manage your utility expenses by yourself, we know we can help you understand if you are spending more or less on your utilities. All the hard work set aside, you are able to complete this tedious task in just a few clicks & it takes no more than 3 minutes. We are able to understand the consumer’s perspective and our understanding of the market makes it all happen.

We envision this project impacting on a global scale

I do believe in our dream to expand internationally in the near future. In India, talking from my country’s perspective for example, there are services that give cash back for bill payments or trying to connect you with providers for a commission, but there is no company or a service which helps you to track your utility expenses in one place or helps you figure what is wrong. While water is mostly covered in HOA fees, electricity & gas is still the resident’s responsibility. Our current pricing is definitely competitive. However we will need to determine our pricing outside of the US, but we can definitely approach different markets / geographies at the right price.

Highlighting important values

It is a product conceptualized by everyday people, who have experienced this tedious task of managing utility expenses or connecting / disconnecting utility services by themselves in their daily lives, which constantly makes us strive to create better solutions. And you will feel that emotion, the hard work and perseverance when you sign up for our services.

Home and Budget Care during Quarantine

We are still not sure when the Covid-19 measures will be completely lifted. Staying at home during these  times has been difficult for everyone, but to me at some point, it became a time for realization to re-learn and re-arrange. I took the chance to make out of my place a happy home and save more money at the same time. 

After the first week with myself at home, I started to notice that there was a shelf in my dinner area that was messy for a long time.  I overlooked it while being too busy with my old activities. Always in a rush, so no time to care, I guess. That corner in my place was bothering me unconsciously for a while and honestly it took literally 10 minutes for me to put it in order as soon as I felt like not having much to do. This pushed me to do my dishes counter, rearrange the furniture in my living room and so I went with different areas of the house as the weeks have gone by. I bet we all had a little of that. 

 I also noticed there were things that I would not be concerned about much and now I question myself the impact of my neglecting behaviors. And I do not mean just little things like my chips craving expenses impacting my tummy and how quickly I lost the weight for not getting them as often anymore. I mean several details in my home that seriously stroked my house-hold finance silently in the long run like the light bulbs I needed to replace to reduce my power consumption and reduce my bill, or the dripping tab in the spare bathroom that I confess I did note but never took actions on.  These little details that could have changed the results in my bills and basically stop wasting my money. 

As a tech nerd, I know how many things I can get done from the comfort of my desk in my home office or by simply using my mobile phone. I shipped the light bulb replacements and the water tab from the nearest Home Depot. Ordering online is one of the greatest things we have invented to solve our everyday struggles, like ordering food when we are too busy to cook.

The same way, I have been testing our companies’ utility tracker with my team to monitor the reduction in my bills after these light bulbs and water tab replacement in the last two months. Of this I am proud of as I can tell first-hand the benefits of being behind my budget and being able to control it myself without having much knowledge on financial planning. We tend to work and pay, eat and pay, put gas in the car and pay, right? And it goes on like this in our old non-COVID routines. And we do this without being really careful and minding many details of our own spendings on a daily basis. 

I am glad I realized about how many pending things were matters of taking a second and just exploring a way to get it done. Since you are still at home, how about taking a little time to learn how to fix and plan all we take for granted and manage them in a simpler and better way. DIY smartly.